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Founded in: 2015
Stage: Revenue generating
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Sales presentation and client engagement solution
New Delhi, India India

Salespatron is a sales presentation and client engagement application allowing salespeople to store all their sales collaterals in one place and share them as trackable links with their prospects. Based on level of client engagement, salespeople can customize and prioritize their follow-ups helping them reduce sales cycles and close deals faster.

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Sales presentation and client engagement application allowing salespeople to find their most engaged prospects, reduce follow-up times and close deals faster.

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Core features:

1) Upload sales documents and share them with prospects as links. Track interest level by knowing who opens your documents, spends how much time reading which pages, when are they last seen reading your document, how many times have they viewed it and if they have downloaded your document. This helps salespeople prioritize their follow-up based on client engagement and thus close deals faster.

2) Share a document with a prospect in real-time over the web without screensharing. Major benefits of this approach compared to a typical screensharing is bandwidth required is 1/10th, the sharing becomes device agnostic and no requirement of any downloads/widgets or meeting ID/passwords.


a) Sales reps have access to the latest collaterals they need for selling and get to know their most engaged clients, who to follow-up with and when.

b) Managers get an inside view on which sales reps are most active/giving best results and are able to share best practices within their teams.

c) Aligning sales and marketing by making marketing aware of which collaterals are being used and are actually effective in sales (currently this process is mostly reported data from sales reps)

d) Web meetings become super easy, fast and without any technical hassles with our 'live pitching' feature allowing sales reps to share documents with prospects in real-time on any device at much lower bandwidths (1/10th) than typical screensharing solutions.


Salespatron allows small and medium sized businesses to get started with sales enablement in a quick, friendly manner. We're proud of the ease of use of the product alongwith the powerful features it packs in its deceptively simple interface. Built by ex-Googlers and experienced salespeople, Salespatron is being used by 100+ companies in around 10 countries around the world. Our small size allows us to give lightening fast customer support and allows us to be near to our customers and listen to them.

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  • Aniruddh Jain
    Aniruddh Jain | Founder
    Ex-Googler. Have started two companies in the past (cleantech and data analytics) with mixed outcomes. IIT Grad. Loves space technology, reading and music.