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Saigonpoolspa Pool & Spa Design is a leader in global pool & spa solutions.

Address: 312/37 Ha Huy Giap, Kp3. Thanh Xuan Ward, District 12, HCMC

Tel: 0902 722 748

Saigonpoolspa is not only known for its design of swimming pools, but for global design and engineering solutions from countries with standardized and scientific swimming pools. Our items upon completion are often very well appreciated by owners, investors and contractors as they are cost-effective, cost-effective, and more productive. High quality and durability in years. On the other hand, Saigonpoolspa is also known as a brand of swimming pool equipment and is one of the most professional swimming pool and swimming pool installers we can install and upgrade hundreds of years. Big and small create new joy for customers, when the moment of passing season to catch a new year to come. Coming to 15 years of establishment, we would like to send our deepest and sincere thanks to our customers who have supported and supported Saigonpoolspa for the past years.