SAG RTA: A SEBI Authorized Rajasthan's 1st Registrar and Transfer Agent

SAG RTA: A SEBI Authorized Rajasthan's 1st Registrar and Transfer Agent
SEBI Authorised Registrar and Transfer Agent Firm SAG RTA
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SAG RTA is now recognised with the share transfer agent and possesses a crown of Rajasthan’s first Registrar & Transfer Agent Services like SAG RTA service provider. SAG RTA is approved with the (Securities and Exchange Board of India) SEBI authorised by the Registrar and Share Transfer Agent. SAG-RTA claims to provide the services as needed by the investors.

SAG infotech started his journey 20 years back and builds a huge customer base and is recognised with his work. The company offers various products such as the tax profession, IT services, and has a financial related news portal. The company is engaged in share transfer which is important for transferring shares. The company has valuable clients and companies who take services for transferring shares. SAG-RTA manages with quick solutions and manages with mutual fund houses.

SAG RTA: Very-well Registrar and Transfer Agent, is responsible for operating as an official RTA Services provider on behalf of the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI)

SAG RTA, the Registrar & Transfer Agent Services provider performs role as a Registrar & Transfer Agent (RTA) for its clients in various cities across India. Having world-class infrastructure, the company gives superb share transfer services to clients and investors countrywide. SAG RTA also performs its responsibilities in a very professional manner as it wholeheartedly provides the most excellent quality services to satisfy the clients' requirements in various sectors such as mutual funds, plc, etc.

SAG RTA Provides All Services Listed Here...

  • Security Dematerialization Via Depository (Both Nsdl And Cdsl)
  • Expertise in Investor Record Keeping and Securities Transfer
  • Inquiry Handling Via Phone, Mail & Online
  • Reporting, Mailing and Meeting Services for Investors
  • Share Transfer Certificate

We also display the RTA (Registrar & Transfer Agent) notification and articles on guidelines of SEBI Rules and Regulation on SAG RTA official Blog.