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Founded in: 2009
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Get some mobile privacy!
Dublin, Ireland Ireland
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SafeBox is a young company that was born out of the idea that privacy was becoming a real concern in the mobile space and that it could be addressed on a global scale. 

The company is developing tools to protect our mobile life from prying eyes. 

The SafeBox mobile application is multi-lingual and allows everyone around the world to send and receive private SMS (normal or encrypted) within a secret list of contacts. 

SafeBox is a unique tool that can be downloaded for FREE from the website and that works with hundreds of phone models (Java and Symbian phones supporting J2ME). A version for BlackBerry and Android will be released shortly. 

The application allows users to create a secret secondary phonebook inside of their SafeBox application and send and receive private SMS within this trusted circle of contacts. It also allows users to store confidential notes such as password, access codes, pin numbers, financial information and so on. 

The application is in 7 languages and can be used anywhere in the world. If a user is unlucky to lose his mobile or have it stolen, all the information stored in the SafeBox (SMS, contacts, notes) is protected by the user's personal PIN preventing access by anyone else. 

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