S2J Systems, LLC

S2J Systems, LLC
Real Relationships. Real Results
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Company description

Relationships matter!  S2J Systems develops software solutions for healthcare providers that want to connect with their patients in a new way, and stay connected.  Designed for the patient centric provider, CARETRACKTM is the premier communication portal that supports optimal patient-provider relationships and clinical outcomes.  Our target market includes traditional and non-traditional healthcare providers that have a desire to “treat a patient for life” rather than just an episode of care.  Our discipline specific portal applications cater to the diverse needs of practitioners, by providing low-cost practice specific solutions.  CARETRACKPTTM  will be released to Beta in December, 2011 and provides internet solutions for physical therapists in private practice.  By providing a secure site for registration, home exercise programming and tracking, patient education, messaging, and functional assessment, CARETRACKPTTM  creates a lifelong link between physical therapist and patient.  Enhanced communication, home programming, assessment, tracking and compliance have all been shown to improve clinical outcomes.  Robust data capture and reporting further supports the practice in ensuring optimal patient outcomes. CARETRACKTM  Providers gain efficiency, high customer satisfaction, returning patients and referrals.  CARETRACKTM  patients get to “take their therapist home with them”. 

Business model

S2J Systems is a business to business company that provides software-as-a-service applications to healthcare providers.  By filling a niche not currently filled, S2J is well positioned to capture significant market share.   CARETRACKPTTM , the first of the CARETRACKTM  product line, will be the first feature-rich, discipline specific, provider-patient portal on the market.  The application will be sold on a subscription basis to providers who then grant access to the portal to their patients and clients.  Additional portal functionality will be sold in a modular fashion, capitalizing on a secure client base for future revenues.  Future CARETRACKTM  products will be built on the same portal framework, expanding our market reach while reducing development cost and improving profit margin.

Competitive advantage

A patient portal feature is offered in many of the larger practice management suites available on the market.  Current functionality is generally limited to sharing test results, prescription renewals, and appointment requests.   While these are important functions for a physician’s office, they do not meet the varied needs of specialists and ancillary health care providers.  By providing a feature rich, discipline specific portal, we meet a need not currently met.  Exercise programming software currently on the market provides limited functionality.  Patient portals integral to practice management systems likewise meet only general communication needs.  CARETRACKTM   products close those gaps providing an entire cost effective solution.

The healthcare industry is growing, even amidst a slow economy.  Initial focus on the ten billion dollar outpatient physical therapy industry provides a market sector that is still highly fragmented with no one provider having greater than 6 percent of the market, and one that is growing at a rate of 5% per year.