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Vator Splash LA 2015
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Curated take-out and delivery app built for food discovery.
Los Angeles, California, United States United States
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Company description

RushOrder enables users to order the most popular food from the most popular restaurants--a significant number of which are unique to RushOrder. Using data-driven processes, we continuously refine and curate both restaurant selection, as well as menu choices to enhance and simplify user experience. Additionally, in-house logistics capabilities allow us to offer delivery from previously undeliverable restaurants.

The platform has been well-received with 26% month-over-month order volume growth since launching in 3Q 2014. Profitability is expected in early-to-mid 2016, and as of July, we were at a $566K run rate for total order volume.

And though we currently serve the broad Greater Los Angeles market, of particular note is the dominant position we have obtained relatively quickly in the truly up-and-coming Koreatown segment -- becoming seen as the exclusive "go-to" app for ordering quality Korean food (among other popular ethnic cuisine). We plan on building upon this strength to expand further across key Southern California areas in the near future.






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Business model

Our business employs a 2-channel model, earning fees from both uncontracted and contracted merchant transactions. Irrespective of the channel from which an order is sourced, RushOrder targets 15% fees on total order volume. Depending upon the order type, as well as the merchant relationship, these fees are paid by either the merchant, the customer, or a combination of both.

Competitive advantage

Launched with restaurant network 50% unique to platform based on local market expertise. 

1st to market in ethnic niche category– Koreatown, LA / Korean food. RushOrder became the "go-to" app for this Asian ethnic niche category.

1st to market in providing delivery services from the most popular restaurants in Downtown LA that were previously undeliverable. 

Redundant driver networks tailored to LA-specific requirements; developed through strategic 3rd party logistics partnerships.

Continuous curation and refining of restaurant selection and menu item choices using data-driven processes and research-based methodologies.

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Douglas Guen - Unconfirmed
Investor Deafult Image
Douglas Guen - Unconfirmed