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Rupaiya Exchange
Online Peer to Peer Marketplace for easy loans and lending!
New Delhi, India India
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Company description

Rupaiya Exchange is a peer to peer lending platform in India which connects lenders who want to lend money and borrowers who want to borrow money online.

There are more and more people looking for loans but are either have no credit history or limited credit history. The motivation of launching a P2P lending platform came from the fact that to increase financial inclusion and cater to the people who are unserved by traditional financial institutions, one has to you look at the potential borrowers beyond the traditional gamut of financial numbers and take into account non-traditional data including social behavior or profile checks including education, schooling upbringing etc. 

It is the platform acts as an alternative source of financing for borrowers who cannot obtain loans from financial institutions, considering their stringent short listing criteria. This venture uses automated alternate scoring mechanism, that goes beyond the traditional ‘financial’ scoring and looks at other parameters including social, demographic and web presence to score an individual and predict his/ her repayment behavior. Thus the probability of losing a good profile borrower decreases; similarly probability of lending to a bad profile borrower also decreases.


Business model

Success based model i.e. Fee on successful funding of loans.


Competitive advantage

There are certain unique features that the platform offers like borrowers deciding the upper limit of interest rates; lender protection for principal amount. Further, as a service the platform has also initiated ultra-short term loans to meet the exigency cases situations of borrowers.