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rrripple (RippleSend, Inc)

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rrripple (RippleSend, Inc)
The coolest way to share digital content privatey
Palo Alto, California, United States United States
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Company description

rrripple empowers educators, students, parents and others to chronicle, curate and share their digital content in a safe and secure environment bringing next generation computing to classrooms.

Customer Problem: Existing social networking sites are not designed for students and young children which are compromising privacy. Students need a safe and secure platform to interact with their peers and teachers. Students of all ages can rely on rrripple's timeline interface for chronicling all types of media/content.

rrripple is a powerful tool for students, teachers and parents
alike. It is an intuitive timeline-based interface with core architecture based on private group sharing, giving users full control over their media and providing seamless intregration across web and mobile platforms. Teachers can upload
classroom content (lesson plans, lecture notes, supporting images, videos) at one place on an intuitive timeline and engage with their students.

Here's a quick video that speaks to rrripple's focus on privacy and how local Bay Area teachers and educational leaders are using it:

Business model

rrripple applies a b2b model, we demonstrate a strategic incentive to our enterprise
customers to have a next generation private media sharing platform alongwith their current product offerings to leapfrog their competitors in the education space.

Business model:
-Interface Licensing (Publishers and Online Universities. For digital curricula delivery and media sharing)
-OEM Partnership (For enterprises targeting students)

Competitive advantage

Management team's 20 years experience in education sector. Ready product, generating high affinity from b2b customers.Strong sentiment for online privacy for kids. Complex product completed on minuscule budget.