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The Robotic Process Automation software is all about eliminating high-risk, manual data entry and processing work to avoid low-return output. The RPA Learner is a leading corporate training institute, having their head-quarter in Noida, India. The RPA Learner training institute conducts trainings in the area of Robotic Process Automation.

The RPA Learner training institute assumes about your best interests in mind, and provides you with the opportunity to choose between the most suitable medium of training that suits you and aligns with your career goal. The RPA Learner academy offers a cutting-edge RPA training courses from industry specialists at a very affordable price. At RPA learner, Robotic Process Automation training is conducted by experienced corporate professionals.

RPA Learner conducts the training through the following medium:

  • Online trainings
  • Classroom trainings
  • Corporate trainings

RPA syllabus is prepared by experienced corporate professionals in the RPA industry.

RPA Learner records every session of the course and monitor performance of every student. The RPA Learner training institute provides job assistance to students enrolled for the RPA training courses in collaboration with top companies such as, Accenture, IBM, L&T Infotech, Wipro, Cognizant, and TCS.

At the RPA Learner training institute, we offer a wide range of Robotics Process Automation courses that bring to the students,the required skills and expertise to make the best use of the most demanding RPA automation tools. Our courses are based on the latest technologies and software packages.

The RPA Learner training institute offers the following courses:

Blue Prism

The Blue Prism software is an effective RPA clerical and back-office process automation tool. We bring to the students all expertise and knowledge to use the highly scalable, secure and virtual workplace/workforce management and automation tool. Blue Prism Training is essential to gain a foothold in the increasingly automated business world.

The Blue Prism training course is prepared with the best in class information architecture that includes all the required information in the desired sequence. The Blue Prism Online Training course helps in the best way to improve the technical aspects of the automation practices that becomes the baseline for development of any business and organization. It builds a level for competency in the corporate arena and increases the career growth rate of the individual consultants.


The fast and effective UiPath designs, software and applications provide for seamless integrations with the ERP and other business technologies. Security features of the UiPath software package includes veracode verification, encryption, and RBAC among others. Our students gain the best of skills while using the enterprises software through our world-class UiPath training programs.

The UiPath software is a one-point solution to almost all of your mundane repetitive tasks. The UiPath online training course enables you to automate all your manual procedures and makes your daily job quick and simple with automatic procedures.

Automation Anywhere

The Automation Anywhere software can be used to automate almost any business process. The Automation Anywhere training course from the RPA Learner training institute is one of the best RPA tools to start your career in the RPA domain. The RPA Learner training institute conducts an in-depth Automation Anywhere online training that caters to the need of the participants who are willing to touch the edge of automation technology through the extensive learning process with best facilities and support.

We offer training in the following locations within India and Worldwide.