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Company description

The power of word of mouth is unparalleled in a local business's marketing mix.  The Social Web provides an incredibly rich ecosystem to develop that word of mouth business but as enticing as that is - it's extremkt hard to capitalize on for most small businesses. 

Small businesses are:

- Short on time

- Not professional marketers, much less social media experts

- Constrained by the chicken and egg problem when it comes to social media (challenged how to jumpstart their fans/followers)

Roost is 100% focused on these unique needs.  And with management made up of SMB and social gaming pros - we understand how to reach these types of businesses in a very unique and low cost way.

And finally, this is the incredible story of a successful pivot.  Founded in 2007 as a b2c Search Engine for real estate, the crash of 2008 threw us for a loop.  But working with tens of thousands of real estate agents and brokerage companies gave us a critical insight that launched our pivot.

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Jessica Peltz-Zatulove
Jessica Peltz-Zatulove is a Partner at KBS Ventures. Prior to joining KBS, she specialized connecting marketers with emerging technology and has a passion for helping startups secure their first customers. She previously spent 10+ years working wi...