Rokboy Media & Design
Location: 41 Kasbah Ridge Eagle Canyon Estate Blueberry Rd Johannesburg 2162, Johannesburg, South Africa South Africa
Founded in: 2009
Stage: Revenue generating
Number of employees: 1-5
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Rokboy Media & Design

Connecting Africa to the World
Johannesburg, South Africa South Africa
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Company description

Rokboy Media & Design is South African web development agency with a list of high profile clients. Our clients range from majors corporates such as Motorola SA, SABC (South African Broadcast Corporation etc.) Feel free to view our profile on our website. is our newest project. We launched our beta version of this brand new search facility in March 2009. The main idea behind this search engine is to make searching much easier for the end-user.


Business model

Rokboy Media is a young innovative multi media/web design agency based in South Africa, built on the foundation of young creative talent. Our strengths lie in developing strong online marketing tools for both small and large corporations, aiming to meet the demands of todays ever-changing markets.


Our aim has been to remain as innovative as possible, and to ensure our clients get the best possible service from us. is a non-profit project we took on as a web design agency, with the intention of building a brand that will easily stand out and provide an efficient service for end-users.