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Company description

Rockbot disrupts traditional out-of-home music services ($2bn industry) such as Muzak and the jukebox at restaurants, bars and businesses by combining custom streaming music and a jukebox app that lets customers engage from their smartphones.

Consumers get to:

  • Pick the songs playing at businesses that have Rockbot
  • Vote on upcoming music to impact the order of what's played 
  • Share your plays on Facebook & Twitter with photos and tag friends
  • Discover and download songs that are playing at the venue
  • Sync favorite music from your device, Facebook, and
  • Unlock rewards, enter giveaways, and view food & drink specials at the venue

Businesses get to:

  • Easily customize and control the vibe of their locations 
  • Access 4 times more variety than existing solutions with over 13 million songs and over 500 playlists
  • Engage their customers with an exciting mobile app experience
  • Increase dwell time (avg. Rockbot user stays 27 mins longer) and check-ins (Rockbot drives 4x more check-ins per location than Foursquare)
  • Set playlists to automatically change by time of day or day of week, and assign admin access to managers and staff
  • Increase their brand social media buzz as users share their plays and check-ins
  • Activate Rockbot's free Automated Social Marketing suite -- the first of its kind in the industry -- with advanced features for enterprise and SMB
  • Run the Rockbot TV channel at their venues, displaying the music playing, user engagement, promotions and social media content
  • On-screen platform is built in HTML5 to run in the browser, on digital media players like Roku, or on popular digital signage platforms

Our patent-pending platform is the only out-of-home streaming solution that works across platforms to serve any size or type of business. 

Rockbot is currently working with brands and enterprise chains such as Miller Lite, Buffalo Wild Wings, Burger King, JetBlue, Caesar's Entertainment, LuckyStrike, The Melt, and many more, as well as SMBs across the U.S. Rockbot is the #1 rated consumer jukebox app with ratings of 4.5 stars on both the iPhone App Store and Google Play.





Awards and Mentions
  • 15698_2357
    Oakland Forward and Vator's East Bay-focused tech startup competition.
  • 15698_2188
    Winner - Best Music Tech Company SXSW
    2011 SXSW Music Tech Accelerator (Rockbot Beta Launch)
  • Business model

    Rockbot is a next-gen music service for brick-and-mortar businesses disrupting a set of $1bn+ dinosaurs - Muzak and jukeboxes. The product creates an engaging experience that increases sales by entertaining customers, driving traffic and extending dwell time. We have three distinct revenue streams:

    Subscription SaaS revenue. Customers range from SMBs to national chains like Lucky Strike Lanes, The Melt, and Buffalo Wild Wings.

    Credit purchases (like a jukebox, users pay to request songs). New deployments - including JetBlue's JFK terminal & 20 casinos - bring 26 million new listeners.

    Location-based advertising. Brands want to reach consumers at the point of purchase. With our screen real estate, Rockbot has the potential to become the largest in-venue display ad network having worked with brands like Miller Lite.


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