Location: United States
Founded in: 2014
Stage: Revenue generating
Number of employees: 1-5
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RistCall LLC

United States
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When it’s you or your loved one in that hospital bed, and you’re in pain or you need help to the bathroom, the wait for an answer to that call bell can seem eternal. Yet on the other end of that call bell, the nurse has no idea what prompted this call, or the other calls from other beds. Whose need is more urgent? Who has been waiting the longest? How can a nurse know? RistCall, a smart watch enabled solution, solves this problem with nurse-patient communication flow. RistCall allows the nurse to prioritize requests based on acuity, urgency, and the time of the call. Before answering, the nurse can know the time, place and reason for the call--without the annoyance of buzzers of alarms. Properly ranking patient requests means that the most acute needs are handled first. RistCall makes patients safer by reducing falls, addressing pain, and adhering to their care delivery protocols. Patients have a better hospital experience. And of equal importance, RistCall improves staff members’ job satisfaction, efficiency and nursing spirit.