Business Research & Intelligence for Startups & Growing Companies
Hamilton, New Jersey, United States United States
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Company description

RISCCON is a Business Information company specializing in Research... We obtain unique information and provide innovative solutions to your business. Whether you are just starting a business or have been in operation for years. Every business has the ability to fine tune what they do and how they do it to cut costs, increase sales and revenues.

Over 15 years of Investigative & Research experience our team knows exactly how to extract precise factual information to assist you in making the most difficult decisions with ease. Obtain facts and information on competitors, vendors, clients, manufactures, regional information, market trends and so much more. Find out more about our services, contact us at info@risccon.com 

Business model
Providing detail reports with information on specific requests.  We have 3 Standard levels of reports which are the most requested for data.  We then provide a fully customized service to assist any business in obtaining the necessary information required from Vendor comparisons to competitive intelligence and more.
Competitive advantage
We specialize in one thing and that is obtaining information, with over 15 years of investigative and research experience we know how to find information.  With the knowledge and resources at our fingertips, information can be delivered accurately and efficiently saving thousands of dollars to the business owner including precious time.