Activity & motion tracker for action sports. #RideWithTheWorld
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Company description

RideBlock (Flipmotion, Inc) is focused on developing world class motion detection devices for action sports starting with skateboards.

RideBlock is an activity tracker to monitor the tricks and activities on a skateboard/longboard. Our hardware device fits to the truck of the skateboard and connected to smartphone via Bluetooth. 

The App helps to monitor tricks performed, compete with friends in exciting challenges, monitor your fitness and mapping your rides. Currently we have a working prototype and continuously testing the device and algorithm with the help of skateboarding communities across the world.

Our mission is to empower the action sports community using innovation and data to progress together and use the analytics to improve performance. 

We have a working prototype and demoed the product in CES, 2016 and has been awarded one of the top 10 incredible products at CES 2016 by ReadWrite magazine. We are continously testing our product with the help of skaters around the world, especially in LA. Our team had the opportunity to get feedback from Tony Hawk and Aaron Jas Homoki - world's best !







Awards and Mentions
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    Finalist of Vator Splash LA 2016 Global competition
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    Winner -Next Big Idea Contest 2014 by Zone Startups and Digital Media Zone, Toronto
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    Qualcomm Qprize 2015 runner-up and $100k investment from Qualcomm Ventures & Accel Partners.
  • Business model

    Selling hardware and accessories , Premium in-app subscription model for advanced features and personalised training plus comparison with pros. 

    Competitive advantage

    RideBlock is developed straight up with community in mind apart from competitors. We have the hardware and mobile app to make this happen and the never been done before trick detection and analysis in realtime. 

    Shaun Arora
    As Managing Director at Make in LA, Southern California’s only hardware accelerator, and an angel investor in 35 startups, Shaun Arora is cultivating a hardware community to support fantastic founders scale.