Richie is an app that lets you invest with friends.
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Richie is a web and mobile application that allows users to invest with friends:
- @user creates a #GroupGoal and invites his friends
- they invest together towards the #GroupGoal without sharing money
- each #GroupGoal member gets his own advice to reach the goal
- investments are done automatically in portfolios based on risk level
- #GroupGoals can be very specific with a specific target amount and a target date such as #ColoradoTrip2018 or very broad interest leaning like #ModernTechnology or #FutureHome.

Richie still is a robo-advisor and its investment advice directly targets millennials, the algorithm calculates investable assets based on 'millennial' type of expenses such as rent, transit and even ‘self-development’. We combine budgeting that helps millennials save money and investing app that allows them to invest that money.

1) Richie is currently in a public beta (production beta) stage, has real users and waiting for Apex technical review to move into the full production mode within a week.

2) We launched a simpler first version called Richie Simple in January. We have around 160 users. It is a budgeting tool that specifically helps people start investing. It is integrated into Richie.

3) We have been doing a waitlist campaign for the full product as well and we almost tripled our waitlist since we were interviewed in November and adding 10-20 ppl everyday. We were lucky to be upvoted to #2 FinTech trending on ProductHunt. We currently have about 1500 people on the waitlist.