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Reward Ride
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West Palm Beach, Florida, United States United States
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Reward Ride is a car ride sharing service designed for employers and academic institutions as well as individuals that believe in reducing their carbon footprint. We give organizations a progressive, green commuting solution to offer safe, reliable transportation through real-time ride-sharing.

Built on the idea that the time for ride sharing has arrived (remember car pooling?), Reward Ride is an online, social and mobile ride-share service that provides rewards to drivers for taking passengers to their destinations. It's a service that’s good for the planet and good for your wallet as members save money by sharing the cost of fuel, parking and maintenance while making better use of people’s transportation investment.

Built on a social platform with real-time access to available, safe rides you'll never have to consult a bus schedule, call a cab or struggle to find a ride to your typical destinations again. Get started with Reward Ride Beta today!


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