Software Usage Analytics for Data-Driven Product Development and License Compliance
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The company was founded in 2006 as an application security solutions provider to address the challenges of software piracy. Working with leading software vendors around the world, Revulytics introduced CodeArmor Intelligence in 2008 to detect, identify, and report on the unpaid use of their software, giving them a new strategy to generate incremental revenue by converting unlicensed users into paying customers. Since 2010, Revulytics customers’ compliance programs have generated more than $1.8 billion in revenue using the company’s turnkey solutions and services.

With the acquisition of Trackerbird Software Analytics in 2016, Revulytics expanded its offerings to provide a wider range of software producers with valuable insight into actual product usage after installation giving product management, engineering and marketing the intelligence to make data-driven decisions.

Revulytics gives any software producers deep and actionable insight into who is using their software products and how they are being used, and the out-of-box analytics that enable them to grow incremental revenue, convert and retain customers, and make decisions about licensing and cloud transformation strategies.

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