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Retailflux Inc
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RetailFlux is a business analytics software designed to provide retail stores with exclusive analytics based on in-store videos. More than just documenting what happens inside the store area, RetailFlux uses videos to boost marketing efforts, improve revenues, and turn any retail business into a success story.

With RetailFlux, retail store owners and managers are able to see the clear picture of their in-store operations, including shopper flow, dwell times, store traffic and category penetration rates.

The software’s unique analytics approach enables retail store owners and managers to monitor and assess the effectiveness of their marketing strategies. RetailFlux also helps users identify flaws and glitches in their in-store design and arrangement, devise and execute better product placement strategies, and arrange resources to influence and empower in-store shopper actions.





Awards and Mentions
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    Reputable business software directory FinancesOnline has recently awarded RetailFlux its prestigious Great User Experience and Rising Star awards for helping retail businesses easily obtain insightful data on shopper behavior. RetailFlux passed FinancesOnline’s quality standards for their Great User Experience and Rising Star awards for top sales software. Simply put, both awards signifies that the product has well-designed functionalities in facilitating the work process and is generally perceived by clients as really efficient in solving their problems.