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Vator Splash LA 2015
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Company description

RemitRight is  a comparison tool for the $550B international money transfer market, We are the KAYAK of remittances. Our mobile and web responsibe platform provides individuals sending remittances with perfect market information associated with sending money. The intuitive website lets users quickly search and compare transfer options based on their individual needs. This includes information on the transfer operator, total costs, exchange rates, user reviews, payment methods, delivery options, transfer times and importantly, best value.

RemitRight helps our users, mostly hard-working immigrants, send more money to loved ones in their home countries. Money transfer operators currently take advantage of remittance senders through hidden fees and exchange rate mark-ups. In the U.S. alone, remittance senders spend an additional $1billion simply due to lack of transparency. We are attacking that $1 billion by helping our users make informed remittance choices. We estimate that the average RemitRight user will save $122/year. This money goes to life's essential needs like food, shelter, school supplies and healthcare. 

We will reach our users through digital marketing, content creation and through our network of partnerships throughout the U.S. Our CEO’s background in immigrant rights and advocacy gives the company credibility as a unbiased third-party source to prevent hard-working immigrants from being taken advantage of by money transfer companies. Organizations want to partner with us and help their members make informed remittance choices.



Awards and Mentions
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    Finalist for the Mentor Capital Network sustainable business plan competition. We presented at the United Nations Headquarters in NYC in July of this year.
  • Competitive advantage

    Our competitive advantage is our team. Charlie has spent his career developing relationships with local and national immigrant organizations. He will use these relationships to form key strategic partnerships to build trust in RemitRight with the immigrant community. We have the credibility within immigrant circies to gain significant traction through partnership outreach. Patrick has built similar systems in his work with the United Nations. We have the best, most comprehesive remittance comparison site out there and will continue to improve it.

    Our team was a member of the Village Capital 2015 US FinTech cohort and will be joining the Halcyon Incubator in the fall.