The best way to take care of your health or the health care of some one you love.
Orinda, California, United States United States
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Company description

RememberItNow! is all designed from the patient's perspective. We make it simple to:

- Schedule SMS or email medication reminders.
- Maintain a personal health record.
- Create an interactive personal health team. 

Available online and on your mobile phone, it's eHealth made easy. Getting started is fast and free:


Check out our Prezi Presentation, "A New Way to Work" It's a sneak peak on who we are and how we operate behind the scenes.



Our easy-to-use service:

 * Improves medication compliance. Text or email reminders help patients take the right medication, at the right time, in the right dose. This improves patient health, fosters independence and reduces health care costs.

* Connects patients, friends, family, caregivers, and health care providers. Patients create a private care community enabling care coordination, long-distance care giving, and peace-of-mind.

* Simplifies health care management. Easy to use health tools include a health journal, health statistics charts, website bookmarks, electronic reminders, medication history, report sharing, medical record uploading, and contact management.

Business model

About RememberItNow! LLC
RememberItNow! makes eHealth easy. Designed from the patient’s point-of-view, it is simple to schedule cell phone medication reminders, maintain a personal health record, and create a private health team. RememberItNow’s patient-centric SaaS platform is also available to healthcare providers, employers, and long-term care facilities. Headquartered in Orinda, CA, RememberItNow! is privately held. Learn more at 

Competitive advantage

The enormous challenge of health care management has attracted a variety of players that compete against various features within RememberItNow! The best known are Google Health and Microsoft Healthvault who offer personal health records, and account sharing, but no medication reminders.  Media companies like Revolution Health and WebMD offer loads of information, along with simple tools and widgets to manage a variety of health concerns. Kaiser Permanente gives members online access to their personal health care records and appointment setting. Simple medication reminder services are available from companies like MedSignals, Smart Pill, MyMedSchedule,and OnTimeRX. "I've Fallen and Can't Get Up" services target the same market with call reminders. CarePages is the leader in patient care communities. Recently launched, Zume Life tackles health care management and reminders with iPhone and iPod touch applications $35/month.

This mish-mash of solutions has yet to change the way patients and caregivers interact and manage healthcare. Most continue to rely on the ineffective, but convenient, pen and paper, alarms, and family reminders "did you take your pills today?".

RememberItNow! is different because it is completely designed from the patient and caregiver point-of-view. We've combined the features patients and caregivers need most to overcome the challenges they face in managing medications, health care, and their lives; and it's simple to use. PC magazine praised RememberItNow! as being “ sleeker and easier to use than Microsoft HealthVault and Google Health.”  RememberItNow! uses familiar online and SMS technology (no fancy gizmos) and the UI is exceptionally inviting. Extensive online documentation and live phone support are available as well.