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Company description

Relecom's digital marketing measurement and optimization services enable marketers to spend money wisely.

We provide intuitive real-time reporting and actionable information to effectively allocate dollars across multiple marketing channels and drive revenue.

Business model

Relecom aggregates data from multiple sources, calculates a value score to compare marketing activities and uses forecasting and optimization to effectively allocate marketing dollars.

The service delivers an easy to view on-line dashboard that provides real-time reporting and actionable information to enable marketers to spend money wisely.

The benefits are improved planning capabilities, more effective marketing spending and efficient allocation of budgets to drive increased ROI.

In short, Relecom...

  1. Aggregates on-line digital data from multiple data sources
  2. Provides visibility to data in the form of a user friendly dashboard (client, agency, publisher)
  3. Calculates a value score index to compare marketing channels and vendors
  4. Forecasts performance of each marketing channel
  5. Optimizes marketing investment allocations across channels
  6. Allows companies to spend marketing money wisely

Relecom's software as a service executive dashboard provides marketers and their partners (agencies and publishers) a more unified, efficient and accountable way to manage their digital marketing activities.

Additionally, vendors are provided access and visibility into their clients' campaign activities.  This transparency enables frequent optimization and rewards top performing vendors who adjust their services to meet and exceed defined client objectives.

Relecom's strategic provides a pay-for-performance model aligns the marketers and vendors interest so both parties are more efficient, effective and profitable.

Competitive advantage

Several companies offer very robust solutions.  However, they can be intimidating, overwhelming, expensive, and have a high cost of entry. Relecom provides a scalable solution that dynamically adjusts and grows with the client's needs at an affordable price.

  1. Easy-to-use client-focused graphical user interface to easily define performers and non-performers.
  2. Proprietary multivariate value score index and optimization modeling
  3. Affordable software as a service cloud computing application
  4. Effective application of service focused science
  5. Unified self-service business intelligence tools providing actionable information
  6. Digital marketing chain optimization across advertisers, publishers and agencies
  7. Total digital ecosystem- no other partner has full visibility into your business.
  8. Growing database allows for applied learning as our consultants can utilize legacy data for analysis, predictive modeling and optimal campaign execution.