Personalized and Cost Effective Treatment for Children with Autism
New Glarus, Wisconsin, United States United States
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Company description helps ensure children with Autism Spectrum Disorders receive the therapeutic care they desperately need.   The company offers an online, SaaS solution that eliminates impediments and dramatically reduces the high costs of therapy, while improving therapy outcomes.

The Problem: Hundreds of thousands of children in the United States, and millions more world-wide, suffer with Autism Spectrum Disorders, conditions characterized by impairment in communication skills and social interactions, and repetitive or stereotypic patterns of behavior.  The numbers will likely continue to climb due, in part, to increasing awareness and more effective diagnosis.  Left untreated, the implications on the lives of these children can be devastating, leading to lives of isolation and, in many cases, institutionalization.  Unfortunately, demand for Autism services far exceeds resource availability and extraordinarily high costs put therapy out of the reach of most families.  The cost of ASD therapy averages nearly 18,000 USD per year from diagnosis through age 18, including three to four years of intensive one-on-one therapy costing 40,000 to 60,000 USD annually.


The severity of therapy cost and resource capacity problems, coupled with recent actions by government and building pressure to lower the costs of healthcare and healthcare insurance, has created an extraordinary opportunity for RelateNow. 


The Solution: RelateNow offers a secure, web-based therapy and collaboration platform designed to fundamentally change and improve the manner in which mental and behavioral health problems are treated today.  The platform facilitates and coordinates the delivery of therapy and related educational services, and the activities of all those who play a role or have an interest in the well-being of individuals with challenges such as Autism Spectrum Disorders.  The company’s product dramatically increases the effectiveness and capacity to deliver therapy and significantly reduces costs, while maintaining or enhancing therapy effectiveness (reports from active RelateNow users show that the company’s platform reduces the cost of therapy by over 80%). 

The company has focused on helping ensure that children with an ASD receive the high-quality and timely therapy they desperately need and has developed extensive, multimedia training and therapy programs, including Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) and The PLAY Project.

Business model

Software as a Service (SaaS)