We use AI and Machine Learning to transform video content into actionable data with maximum efficiency.
Santa Monica, California, United States United States
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Company description

Our proprietary deep learning systems to create scalable solutions for leagues, teams and content distributors. From highlight packages for digital or broadcast to analytics, scouting and beyond, Reely is the comprehensive solution for data-driven, video intensive challenges.


Our platform automatically detects highlights at 10x the speed of real time with over 95% accuracy in field sports, like football, soccer and basketball using three parallel classes of identification.
Reely’s tech represents over $2M in savings per league per year* and creates myriad new opportunities for leagues to distribute and monetize content more efficiently.


Our cloud based software maximizes efficiency and allows Reely to be the nimble, scalable monetization solution for leagues and content owners who understand the future of mobile sports content.

"Reely uses computer vision and deep learning algorithms to automatically create highlights from a variety of sporting events. The Reely mobile app feeds from this backend infrastructure to create the ultimate distribution platform for fan engagement. This software provides professional production capabilities at a fraction of the cost." 
Carl Kirchhoff // Co-Founder, EverSport Media

Business model

Dual revenue streams:

B2B enterprise solution for sports leagues and content providers utilizing computer vision, neural networks, and deep learning AI.  This will be a paid SaaS model with recurring revenue from sports leagues and content providers.  Paired with...

B2C consumer app, the best way to get sports highlights on your phone.  Initially we'll build a customer base by addressing smaller, international leagues.  Aggregated, these fan bases are in the multimillions, but they have been marginalized by traditional media.  We will address this underserved fan base and overserve them.   We'll grow with them to eventually encompass all the leagues you love.  Eventually, we will insert ads in line with the video clips.  

By creating an end-to-end platform, we'll reap revenue from both sides of the content pipeline.  We'll have recurring revenue from sports leagues licensing our software, and ad revenue from distribution on our mobile app.

Competitive advantage

Our competitive advantage stems from our league content deals, our significant technological advantages, and our dual revenue streams.

Reely's advisor, Carl Kirchhoff, has more than 20 years in sports content rights management and has all the connections and access to sports leagues big and small.  With his help, we've been able secure our first round of content deals and are integrating our platform with these partners now.

On the tech side, Reely's tech advisor, Rafal Kapela, has a Ph.D. in computer science with a focus on computer vision ad artificial intelligence.  He's been instrumental in helping guide development to ensure our products remain on the cutting edge.

Because of these advisors and our founders' significant technical and business experience, Reely has been able to create a unique end-to-end sports highlight solution that benefits sports leagues, content providers, and fans alike.