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Company description

Reelio makes it easy to work with the YouTube creators your audience already loves, placing your brand at the center of hundreds of engaging and authentic videos. 

The need for brands to be on YouTube is essential. It is the second largest search engine (behind Google), is 20X more engaging than Facebook and 40% more shareable than text. Yet, more than 50% of videos published by the top 100 brands receive fewer than 1000 views. 

Reelio analyzes millions of YouTube videos and channels, transforming reams of data into actionable information for brands to better engage their desired audiences in online video. Thought of as the “ for brands and online video creators”, Reelio enables partnerships that are data-driven, people-approved. Completed pilots with Reelio have resulted in, an average of, over 150X the views and 700X the social engagements of brands’ previous in-house video attempts. 

Investments were led by e.Ventures, with additional funding from KRW Schindler Private Ventures (with Philipp Schindler as cornerstone investor), Jason Glickman and Andrew Reis (Co-founders of Tremor Video), Thomas Hesse (former President and Executive Board Member at Bertelsmann, and former President and Co-founder of VEVO at Sony Music), and existing angel investors. 

Reelio is based out of New York City, the cultural center of the universe. Our team is comprised of a wide variety of disciplines ranging from serial entrepreneurs and investment bankers to nuclear engineers and astrophysicists to entertainment and advertising veterans.

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Business model

We use data analytics to match brands to YouTubers who are engaging a brand's desired audience in an authentic and meaningful way. However, we don't just repackage this data - data is plentiful.  Actionable information is scarce.  Reelio is about actionable information (i.e., work with these specific content creators in these specific ways, and it will drive these specific results). We give YouTube content creators a value prop that is very concrete, tangible and immediate: login with YouTube. In exchange for your underlying analytics you receive free product, get paid to make your next video, and get the prestige of working with this well-respected brand.

We charge brands on a CPV basis, with a guaranteed minimum views at a maximum campaign spend. Every view above the agreed upon minimum is earned media for the brand. 

Competitive advantage

Our proprietary search algorithm is the 'secret sauce'. We are bringing about meaningful relationships based upon a number of core performance metrics and social media overlap. This helps ensure that the creators suggested to a brand for partnership are not suggested upon a vested interest or recommended without knowledge this creator could have a meaningful impact on a brand's marketing efforts.

Further, we have the CRM tools in place to effectively manage these relationships, monitor videos, track analytics, and submit payments all from one centralized location.