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Company description

First go browse our demo site at before rejecting this. Click around. Watch a few of the videos, short and even one long one. 

The problem:  Lawyers(maybe your own lawyer?) still using clunky old-fashioned tools to cook up estate plans all over the United States! Almost like the wild west. Home-brewed estate plans of random design. Some established law firms think of course their secret documents are the best on the planet, exclusively available for a pretty hefty price. What about the average lawyer all over the United States? What about the aging solo. What about the young lawyer trying to build a practice? They have inefficient methods. 


The solution: Our unique solution for them is shown in our videos.

We put a few narrated videos on that pre-launch website.

This is a Business-to-Professional product. Not Business-to-Consumer.

We are self-funded to this point. We think it is time to come out from behind the curtain of five years of non-disclosure agreements. We have a new interesting product with a useful problem/solution fit. We are now ready for testing the value hypothesis and growth hypothesis before scaling.

In January 2014 we received a written commitment for a 250K seed equity commitment from a local Angel for a good sized piece of the company. 

I believe it is probably eminently safer to have additional commitments of 3  times that. We will need runway time. We want to focus on small initial tests on customer development and pricing and adapt the product as the market indicates. No employees.

I understand the struggles a lawyer goes through to prepare proper estate plans for a client.

As an intern in a law office in 1970 and later as a young lawyer in 1976, I used to go to published "Will and Trust Agreement form books" at the Law Library, browse through the books, photocopy selected pages, cut up the photocopies, sometmes cutting a paragraph, sometimes a single sentence, tape the cut-outs onto 14 inch legal pad paper, handwrite portions, and hand the whole thing in to a secretary with an IBM typewriter or later in to a Wang word processing service department to type!

I understand how important it is for a lawyer to efficiently and reliably be able to produce top quality planning documents. I understand how risky it is for any lawyer to make any errors in the documents. I understand what a repetitive chore it is to cook up documents in a dis-organized environment.

Finally, there is hope for an online solution.

Imagine an iTunes store for lawyers to create and download document sets for use by lawyers only, not consumers.

We have an opinion that allowing consumers of any significant wealth to use LegalZoom for estate plans without requiring professional review invites self-inflicted malpractice, is harmful to the public and increases risk of future Will contests and trust litigation. I think it was the widow of Sammy Davis Junior who did that and died and the various heirs consumed vast amounts in litigation cost over the validity of the alleged Will. She saved a few bucks but in the long run it was hugely wasteful and unnecessary.

Still average lawyers need better tools than LegalZoom in this field.

Our prototype was built by yours truly, Tom Wheeler, a lawyer with 37 years actual law practice experience creating the types of documents this product makes.I built exactly what I wish I myself had available in 1970. Still am in private practice supporting this dream.

If you were a lawyer in private practice who was lucky enough or unlucky enough to have a nice married couple come into your office and hire you to help with their estate plan, where would you go? What tools do you have? What would you do? This answers that question.

You can go to our testing and development website at and register yourself as a hypothetical lawyer/user and create an imaginary sample estate plan. Click around. Make up random answers. Don't worry, you can't break it. Maybe pretend it is your own parent's estate plan. Test it out. It is pretty simple and easy to use and works to produce a high quality resulting document set. The user/lawyer can download the document set in a matter of seconds. The lawyer user can edit the downloaded documents as much as necessary. This initial product takes a very complex almost mysterious professional subject and makes it seem easy.

Current version requires WordPerfect 12 through X5. Many law offices still have some pretty loyal WordPerfect devotees. Even Bill Gates acknowledged that WordPerfect is a more powerful than Word!

The product is copyrighted, ready to license by time, geography and product line. Corporate copyrights last 95 years! Easy to iterate, ready to pivot if necessary. Close to launch time.

Please inquire. Tom Wheeler 612-250-4534. If you get voice mail please leave a message because we receive lots of anonymous long distance and 800 calls we don't choose to answer. If you don't leave any message we will not call you back. We want to call you back!


Business model

RDI is the central creator and owner of the copyrighted products and holder of 95 year copyrights. RDI will license use of the products to one or more future distribution entities which will acquire the right to exploit their use in various states, starting in Minnesota.

Tom Wheeler will contract with RDI to develop and code new  product iterations for RDI if needed and as needed, including making training videos and tutorials for users and developers.

Competitive advantage

First to market advantage. Took 17 years of continuous concentrated careful effort to ultimately build. Anyone else would have a huge uphill struggle to develop what has been developed. Cheap and easy to edit the software and clone the products. No molecules to ship. Bits and bytes accessible and downloadable from everywhere. This is ePublishing. With a single central upload the product is updated everywhere. I know lawyers need help like this. There is nothing like it out there!