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Red Herring Communications
Belmont, California, United States United States
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Red Herring, Inc., founded in 1993, is a media company whose mission is to cover innovation, technology, financing and entrepreneurial activity. Its staff of award-winning journalists tell readers what's first, what matters and most importantly, why.

Our journalists, research specialists and newsletter editors investigate on a global basis and report how the world of innovation and entrepreneurship are transforming business and how the business of technology is transforming the world. We provide a deep understanding of venture capital and capital markets.

We recognize that innovation primarily comes from entrepreneurs, but that success comes from a combination of innovation, management, money, strategy and execution. We take all these factors into consideration when evaluating the potential of companies and technologies to succeed. Since no company exists in a vacuum, we take into account the entire competitive landscape of companies of all size.

Red Herring is dedicated to thorough research, relevant metrics deep financial analysis, in-depth reporting, crisp writing and thoughtful debate. We are a skeptical, intelligent and trustworthy source of information in technology business. Our primary obligation is to provide the most relevant, honest and independent information and analysis to our audience, with the conviction that an exceptional editorial product is the best catalyst for success and the best way to serve our advertisers and investors. Our content is original, compelling and actionable for industry executives and entrepreneurs.

A privately held company, Red Herring, Inc. is headquartered in Belmont, California.