Stop hiring resumes, hire a person.
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Nearly 30 million students graduate from college every year around the world and this number is going to double in next 6 years. With increase in graduates the competition will increase 4X and a resume makes it worse. 
At Recroup, we allow job seekers to create a profile that tells their story in a way a resume can not. Job seekers can add their social media accounts and technical accounts and receive score on their online activities. We do not believe in self reported skills, this is why at Recroup, job seekers verify their skills by taking skills test. With Recroup job seekers can differentiate themselves and stand out from the crowd.
But this is just one part of the solution. At Recroup, companies can create challenges associated with jobs. Consider it as first round of interview. Recruiters get all the important information about the applicants along with their performance on the challenges without going through even a single resume. 
With Recroup companies can find best the best talent and applicants get the job they deserve. 


Business model

Our platform is free for job seekers but we have planned for possible premium features once we gain significant traction. Our primary customer is companies or recruiters. For companies we have a monthly subscription starting at $50/Month which includes a certain number of job postings Challenges are another source of revenue. Companies will have to pay on per challenge basis. Advertising can be a another form for unpredictable revenue.

Competitive advantage

LinkedIn is focused towards experience and self-reported skills. This makes it worse for college students and new graduates with no experience. LinkedIn makes them look rather slim. Most of the other job search sites available in the market are résumé based and no one gives job seekers an opportunity to stand out from the crowd like we do.