Offering a better way for learning and keeping up on technology. No Ads. No opt-ins.
Albuquerque, New Mexico, United States United States
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Company description

  Mission Statement

We offer the shortest path between end-user needs and vendor solutions. And we do this without advertisement or cost to the user.

Our History

Our founder, after 25 years in the tech industry, saw a disconnect in how technology users find solutions and the vendors that support these solutions.

Teckedin's goal is to make it easy for solution providers to share their expertise and experience, in an even playing field. And to offer technology users valuable content and news, easily filtered, and without interruption.

We are a two-sided platform, still in the chicken and egg stage. Currently, both end users and solution providers are free as we build traction.  The solution providers will pay a flat monthly fee, and we will have a second tier, with a higher monthly fee, where we will upload their content for them, respond to their leads, and be an extension of their marketing team.





Business model

Free to end users. Flat monthly fee to providers.  Two tiers for providers.  May add a tier for users if they want help with RFPs, RFIs and other procurement needs.

Competitive advantage

Non-social platform for accessing the latest tech news and content on all major tech categories. No Ads, opt-ins, likes or dislikes.  Save content for future reference, connect with vendors when ready.