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Company description
Using innovative and intuitive searching methods, visitors to the Recipe Key website are able to quickly find recipes that match their tastes and dietary restrictions.  When a user has multiple miscellaneous ingredients, that user can input the ingredients into Recipe Key and Recipe Key will give the user a listing of recipes to make based on the user's ingredients, tastes, and dietary restrictions.  Recipe Key expands on the traditional cookbook format by offering multimedia content to aid and guide users throughout the cooking process.  
Business model
The Recipe Key business is based upon a combination of a traditional and non-traditional business model.  Recipe Key's foundation is an Internet advertising business model and will offer full featured services to the general public at no cost, while offering space to advertisers on a variable cost program.  Unconventional for a recipe website, Recipe Key aims to partner with online & traditional grocery stores to provide users with an up-to-date digital pantry, coupons, and featured recipes using weekly grocery store specials. 
Competitive advantage

Recipe Key's competitive advantage over its industry peers comes from its stronger, more effective use of technology.  Recipe Key has kept up to date with the current technology trends and is a leader in this field.  Another piece of Recipe Key's competitive advantage comes from the website's push to become the first to the market in regards to grocery store partnerships.  As the first of its industry peers to push for these types of collaborations, Recipe Key will maintain the largest user base.  Overall, Recipe Key's innovative and user friendly interface will provide the website with a strong competitive advantage over its industry peers.