Location: Austin, Texas, United States United States
Founded in: 2012
Stage: Revenue generating
Number of employees: 16-30
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Austin, Texas, United States United States
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Rebilly is the world’s first customer lifetime value maximization company. We make it easy for even the most complex businesses to get the most profit possible from every single customer.

There are tons of companies that just process payments. Only Rebilly perfects them. Rebilly's comprehensive set of powerful tools is built to help you increase approval rates and reduce churn, fraud, and chargebacks to ensure you get every penny you deserve from the audience you’ve built.

Some of the things that make Rebilly different are our gateway agnostic platform, speedy payment integrations, and our extremely customizable Rules Engine. These features offer an unmatched degree of flexibility and control over subscription payments.

  • Karim Tawfic
    Karim Tawfic | Team member
    Information technologies fascinate me; in terms of their reach, limitless opportunities and as an infinite resource of information. Those are the reasons why I chose digital marketing as my career choice. Over time, I have become a power user with...