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Founded in 2002, Realtime Worlds is a software technology company specialising in the entertainment sector. Our talented team have a tremendous history of creating some of the world's best selling video games, including the global hit franchises 'Lemmings' and 'Grand Theft Auto'. The 185 staff are headed up by Dave Jones, founder of DMA Design, and designer and creator of over 15 hit titles. Talent is a key part to success in the very competitive video game market. Realtime Worlds believes its hand picked team has unparalleled skill and creativity.

We are developing revolutionary new software technology, which will have widespread applications throughout many industries. As avid game players, we believe the future of video games lies in massively multiplayer on-line gaming. Constantly evolving worlds with real players and communities offer an unrivalled experience that many players have yet to enjoy. We have an innovative concept and unique technology that will deliver new possibilities to massively multiplayer on-line gaming.

The company is on very secure footing with our game projects only signed with top-tier partners. Our main offices are in Dundee, Scotland, and we have subsidiary offices in Seoul, South Korea, and in Boulder Colorado, USA.

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