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Company description

RAVN helps people find unique experiences by offering a personalized activity recommendation engine.  RAVN’s mobile app and web platform provides an easy way for users to browse, search and book local activities in over 50 cities across the globe. 

RAVN goes beyond traditional event aggregation and focuses on unique, once-in-a-lifetime experiences from a local’s point of view. With RAVN, people can plan their next local adventure and pay to attend directly online.

RAVN also makes social planning easier by helping people know what events interest their friends, providing people with someone to help plan their next activity. 

Awards and Mentions
Business model

RAVN charges referral fees for all bookings made through their site. The mobile app is free for all people to enjoy.

Competitive advantage

Quality of events. RAVN avoids the touristy and typical events. RAVN events are curated by actual people who are city experts and know what’s happening.  This hands-on process ensures that RAVN events and activities are high quality, rather than just an automated scrape of the web.

Search by category. RAVN’s search engine is extensive and makes finding the perfect experience easy and simple. People can search by such activity topics as artsy, social, relaxing, active and more. People can further narrow their search by browsing solo, group or date activities and lastly, choose their price range.