Rates Insight, Inc.

Rates Insight, Inc.
Why earn less when you can earn more!
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We will be the intermediary between the consumer and the bank in the $2.5 trillion certificate of deposit (CD) market.  Unlike may rate comparison sites, we will quality each customer, open and fund an account in real time.


Depositors have limited options when shopping for Certificate of Deposits (CDs), Savings Accounts and Money Market Accounts.  In a $2+ trillion consumer certificate of deposit (CD) segment, the top 34 banks (<0.5% of all banks) control more than 50% of the market ... despite the fact that community and regional banks pay a yield that is 100% - 500% higher than that of the larger banks.


Consumers want to maximize the yield on their deposits, but most do not know how to identify alternative financial institutions that pay a superior yield, and the required paperwork can often be daunting.


Our goal is to become the Priceline for financial deposits.  We will simplify the entire process for the consumer enabling them to search, select, open and fund deposit accounts online (and via support of a customer service agent) within just 5 minutes.  Unlike comparison sites, we provide a value added service to the consumer and to our exclusive bank-member network.  The consumer is able to open and fund a deposit account online and within 5 minutes --- activity that is impossible today; the banks are able to reach markets previously unavailable to them.