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Oakland, California, United States United States
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Everyone worries they will miss an important call from their kid’s school or the babysitter. Or that their elderly parent or new teen driver gets our voicemail when it's an emergency. When it comes to dealing with an urgent situation there’s just no substitute for live, voice conversation. That’s why we invented RallyCall.  

When you, a family member or friend dials your private RallyCall number, your designated contacts are called simultaneously. Whoever answers is put on a group in less than 60 seconds. Your RallyCall number can also be used to send a group text.

RallyCall is great for business, too! Use it for push conference calls to rally team members quickly, without the hassle of email invitations and PIN numbers. 

Do you have all of your most important phone contacts memorized anymore? We didn’t think so! When you memorize your RallyCall number you are just one call awasy from connecting live to yourcall circle, even if your phone is lost or stolen. 

Set up a RallyCall number for your child, elderly parent or a family member traveling abroad. Be sure that when it's urgent, one or more of your close contacts will be reached live – even if you aren’t available or if your phone loses battery. 

RallyCall allows instant group conversation wherever you are and whenever you need it. We all have smart phones. Isn’t it time we had smart numbers?

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    Karen Wertman | Team member
    Karen's career spans 25+ years in marketing and management, where she's built brands in publishing, education & consumer electronics. An entrepreneur and independent consultant, she's had several startups and is Executive Producer for Vator Splash.