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Raise the Root
Oakland, California, United States United States
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RAISE THE ROOT is a culinary entertainment company which specializes in all flavors of culinary education based events.  Corporate Team Building, Hands-On Cooking Classes, Dinner Theater, Food Film Series Dinners, Interactive Catering and Beer and Wine Pairing Events.  

We want to reunite people with their culinary roots, to get people back in the kitchen and in touch with the foods they love.  Our slogan says it all, KNOW YOUR FOOD!

RAISE THE ROOT COOKING COLLECTIVE is our new culinary community which will bring food entrepreneurs together in a shared environment to create, thrive, market and sell their goods.  It will be an incubator for new ideas and culinary collaborations.  Our bulk sourcing program will help artisans lower their overhead costs which in turn will allow them to be more competitive and realize better profits.  We will also provide opportunity to our members with Monthly Marketplace Mixers, Roof Garden Market Events and eventually through direct sales at our Artisanal Marketplace.

Our mission is simple, to create community and opportunity for burgeoning food entrepreneurs.