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Booking and touring--matching up artists with fans at venues--is a risky, painful process, and technology changes are making it worse.  The old way of  doing live events--first you book the event, then you sell tickets and hope to cover your costs--just doesn't make sense in the internet age.

Enter RABBL. Our social booking platform takes the risk out of live music. We let fans prove real demand by reserving tickets in artist-approved “rabbls,” votes about where and when shows should happen.  In other words, RABBL reverses the old formula:  with us, first you sell the tickets, then you book the show. And only if it makes sense. 

 RABBL helps everbody in the increasingly important live music business. It helps venues to take a chance on more artists,  it helps artists know where they should play, and it gives fans--who the business is supposed to be about--a real say, for the first time, about when and where shows happen.  As we build out our platform, we'll enable industry players to get gigs, find touring partners, engage fans, promote tours, pack venues, and identify trending artists. 


Jim Fulton
Partner at Cooley