Quote Roller, Inc.

Quote Roller, Inc.
Irresistible Proposals, Insane Results
San Francisco, California, United States United States

Quote Roller is proposal and business document management for SMBs. We help companies increase their win rate by reengineering the Quote to Cash process and giving them visibility into the most important part of the sales funnel. Business buy because we directly boost their revenue.

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Company description

Quote Roller helps companies manage more opportunities, increase sales conversions and close more sales. Since its founding late in 2011, the company has launched a complete quote-to-cash system and processed over $500M in sales quotes with more than a 20% conversion rate.  With 20,000 sign-ups, the company is ramping quickly. Quote Roller enables a frictionless sales process, removing key barriers such as an unprofessional appearance, emails and PDF's, customer irritation, faxed signatures, manual tracking, or worse—losing track. Quote Roller makes it simple to control, create, send, negotiate, and track complex professional sales proposals, using electronic signatures and advanced analytics to close more deals. Founded by engineering, sales, and marketing experts, Quote Roller draws on deep experience growing successful entrepreneurial ventures.


  • David Currie
    David Currie | Team member
    Lean startup exec/founder at Quote Roller, Etera(Corio), Scanalert (McAfee). Raised seed and/or series A for three companies.
Business model

Freemium/Trial based Subscription Cloud Application.  Great 600% MRR CAGR, 14 integration partners, excellent content marketing and 100% organic traction so far.

Competitive advantage

Quote Roller solves the most important problems and specifically targets the needs of SMBs, the fastest growing segment of the CRM space.  Our cloud based application saves massive amounts of time and improves win rates. We are agnostic to CRM and Accounting applications, offering over 14 integrations. Our tools are specifically targeted to the same users as would use Quickbooks, Xero, etc, and serves a fundamental need with massive return on invesment.