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Quintura, Inc. is the next-generation web search company that was launched with a mission to make Web search easier and faster by adding context or meaning to keywords and visualizing search. The patent-pending technology of Quintura is based on over a decade of the founders' innovative research and development in the area of neural network and artificial intelligence. Quintura is privately held and has US offices in Alexandria, Virginia and Research & Development operations in the Moscow region of Russia. Quintura's web search client, Quintura Searchâ„¢, is your Web search with one click. The client software helps build and visualize search query, making your Web search easier and faster. The Quintura technology allows to develop a Web index based on contextual relationships between words. Launching a search engine using this index will make Web search much easier and faster. In addition, it will help to fully utilize a sell-side online advertising business model that is an evolution of the current online advertising model.

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