Intelligence begins with a question
Berkeley, California, United States United States
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On the first level Quarrio has created an AI platform that lets ordinary business users do advanced reporting and analytics without having to learn any new skills. Users ask questions in ordinary English and Quarrio provides instantaneous answers in plain English with auto-generated graphs or charts (when applicable). More importantly, users can then ask follow-up questions and quickly drill down to the information they seek. It’s a dynamic reporting and analysis system that’s really easy to interface with.
On a deeper level, we’ve created the database infrastructure where internal corporate data can automatically be augmented by external data sources (social media, open government, census, weather, traffic, etc.) and perform automated data science. This enables ordinary users to gain deep insights and guidance by just asking questions in ordinary English. Of course, the system is much more than this, and hopefully you’ll be intrigued enough to take a deeper look.


Here is our executive summary — we’re going to beta at the end of February. Also, we’re currently being incubated by Salesforce.com.