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Quantum Tech Solutions, LLC

Detect, alert, archive, predict
Davis, California, United States United States
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Current disease surveillance and response approaches often lead to action after the peak of the outbreak has passed – or worse, after outbreaks have developed into epidemics or even pandemics.”

Predict and Prevent”, Dr. Mark Smolensky, white paper.

Why?  The TIME between confirmation and intervention is TOO LONG!

Current Situation

It takes too long to find pathogens, toxins and other contaminants.   

Then it takes too long to get the findings to all stakeholders.

Therefore, it takes too long to intervene.

It then takes too long to assemble the data for analysis and prediction of next occurrence.

The time line to close the entire loop from detection to prevention is TOO LONG.


MicrobicID® solves this TIME dilemma uniquely and differently than any other approach by instantaneous detection, in the field, with a self contained sensor in a mobile, handheld or stationary device remotely and non-invasively.

Communication is instantaneous from anywhere in the world to stakeholder locations via...  including to the field operator.

Analysis is provided as quickly as possible utilizing a central data archival system that correlates inputs from disparate sources in order to predict and prevent in more timely manner.

The loop is closed by having an integrated technology platformNo other entity is trying to solve the problem this way.  They mostly export laboratory techniques and procedures to field operations.

Business model

Use-Licenses for sales, distribution and manufacturing AND from direct sales of sensors to major in-house clients (e.g. government agencies).  Use Licenses will include ongoing royalty payments.

Sales of communication services and customized programs for specialized applications.

Sales of archive access services and customized research programs.


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