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The Next Generation of eNose Technology
Chapel Hill, North Carolina, United States United States
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Company description
QualSec (QLSC) is the developer of the NanoNose, the next generation of electronic olfactory sensory technology. We develop cutting-edge proprietary detection systems which meet the discrimination, sensitivity, and portability requirements of the homeland security market, as well as applications in other high volume markets including the health care, environmental, petrochemical, and food industries. QualSec's technology also has near-term applications for protection against biological warfare agents and the spread of terrorist-initiated epidemics.
Business model

QualSec was formed in the Fall of 2006 by Joel Hand and Arden Kelton, Ph.D. Mr. Hand and Dr. Kelton have been associated in various projects for more than 20 years.


QualSec's operations are led by Dr. Arden A. Kelton. Dr. Kelton received his doctorate in Medical Physics from U.C.L.A. in 1969 and has been a biotechnology entrepreneur for more than 25 years. During 2002 and 2003, Dr. Kelton served as CEO for Osprey Data Systems Corp., a company that was developing an electronic nose based on thin film resonance technology. Due to lack of funding and the death of a key manager, Osprey eventually abandoned its electronic nose project. During his time with Osprey, Dr. Kelton gained knowledge of the potential business opportunities for an advanced electronic nose as well as the several problems inherent in the many different technical approaches being pursued by several academic institutions, government agencies, and industries.


During 2005 and 2006, Dr. Kelton developed a general concept that could avoid many of the problems inherent in other approaches. The concept is based on his earlier work with centrifugal analyzers. This new approach, dubbed ROder technology, became the basis for the formation of QualSec Inc. by Joel Hand and Dr. Kelton in November 2006. In order to actualize the approach and solve remaining technical obstacles, QualSec subcontracted development to NAC, a technology development company owned and operated by Dr. Kevin Pegg. Dr. Pegg had previously worked with Dr. Kelton on other hi-tech developments by entrepreneurial biotech companies. He currently teaches biotechnology classes at the Advanced Technology Center in Jacksonville, part of the University of Florida, and has successfully accomplished numerous technology projects under contracts to federal and state agencies as well as major industries. In addition to his doctorate in molecular genetics, and postdoctoral training in chemical engineering, Dr. Pegg is skilled in optics, electronics, and information technology. He is also a licensed patent agent.