Dsg.nr - Community-Driven Interior Design

Dsg.nr - Community-Driven Interior Design
Community-Driven Interior Design
Lafayette, California, United States United States
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Company description

Dsg.nr gives mere mortals the power to be Awesome Interior Designers by providing free and easy-to-use online tools to 1) find products faster, 2) create interior-design-boards in minutes, and 3) share and get feedback from the community. 

It's Pinterest + Houzz + Polyvore for millions of people in a $500 billion home decor market. 

Nancy (CEO) and Oscar (CTO) have teamed up to build this product for creative people everywhere.

Our web-app, currently in beta, lets users search home decor products from leading vendors in seconds! Users can currently filter by vendor and watch the magic happen! Go to dsg.nr and check it out! 

While we are improving search and filtering, we are also building the platform on which people can easily create and share their own design boards online. 

We believe designing a room should be easy and fun for all!

Business model

Affiliate Revenue Sharing


Promoted Placement / Sponsored Products

Possibly Subscription for Power Users

Competitive advantage

Our technology is awesome. 

We have industry insight / expertise / connections

We understand the consumer / user better than anyone

Did I mention our technology is awesome?