How digital success is measured
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Company description

Qoints is a performance benchmarking tool for digital promotions - it's a neutral repository that allows marketers to measure the success of their campaigns against their competition in real-time and gain actionable intelligence from the data they collect.



Business model

Qoints comparative intelligence tools have a standard three-tiered SaaS subscription model that leverages the number of KPIs and the number of brand sponsors as the major pricing variables. For Enterprise licenses, we leverage a “TranSaaSional” model where data volume, API calls and industry vertical impact transaction rates. Secondary revenue streams include platform maintenance, support, strategic consulting and custom implementations.


Competitive advantage

Qoints’ competitive advantage is that it leverages third-party data sets to provide marketers with an unparalleled level of context when measuring the success of a campaign. We act as a thin neutral layer that anonymizes the data so make brands and publishers are comfortable sharing it in exchange for the intelligence it provides them. Every time a customer engages with our platform, we grow the dataset and increase our competitive advantage. Business intelligence tools are already popular in many industries, but a significant gap exists when it comes to consumer goods (which is why we believe the opportunity is so great). The unique promotional engagement data that we collect is not publicly available, making it an invaluable piece of the puzzle when evaluating the success of digital marketing initiatives.