Location: MÄSTER SAMUELSGATAN 36, Stockholm, Sweden Sweden
Founded in: 2016
Stage: Post-launch
Number of employees: 1-5
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Stockholm, Sweden Sweden
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Company description

Qlutter is the collaboration tool that helps you plan, measure, and reach your long-term goals one step at a time. Many of our current users started out in Asana but found it lacking the overview to support meaningful dialogues in the team, which Qlutter provide.


Qlutter is used by teams in software development, IT operations, marketing, analytics and more. Qlutter is perfect for keeping everyone in the team on the same page and collect all planning in one place, that is why we call it Mission control for teams.


Why Qlutter?

Most collaboration tools are good at tracking long- or short-term goals and projects, but Qlutter makes it easy to do both. It’s like a microscope and a telescope rolled into a project management tool.




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    Johan Mattsson | Team member
    I love to build and ship great products, currently working on a startup called Qlutter. For more information check out