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QlipBoard Overview - Voice anything. Share anywhere.
Mountain View, California, United States United States
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QlipBoardTM started off with a simple question: Why is itso difficult to "explain" something (especially if it involves images)that you see on a web page through email? The answer as it turned outwas because there was no easy way to talk, while pointing at somethingon a computer screen and in sending that "recording" to a recipient.All existing products - on the market either require the sender and thereceiver to be online at the same time or are too complicated for theaverage person to benefit from. From this insight came our mission andthe focus for our products - to empower everyone with a computer to beable to explain anything using a combination of voice, writing anddrawing.

QlipBoardTM is the simplest way to captureanything that you see on your computer with one click and then talk,write or draw on the images you have captured. With one more click, youcan email or share these conversations through the web with yourco-workers or friends. Use it at work or play and make communicationcreative and fun.
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