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Qeyno Labs is an inclusive innovation company and leading provider of futuristic learning experiences that create magical opportunity for youth, their families, and their community. Qeyno is the home of Hackathon Academy, our flagship "popup school" that prepares high potential youth in low opportunity settings to become next generation developers, designers, and innovators in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art Design, and Mathematics). Through our labs, Qeyno is mindfully committed to lifting systemic barriers to a child's greatest innovation moments.

Hackathons gather together technologists (coders), artists (designers), and problem solvers (innovators) to brainstorm, design, and build web or mobile apps that can change the world, create a business, or both!  Qeyno’s mission is to transform children's lives and give them the power to transform their worlds through social innovation, education, and technology.

Qeyno launched the first hackathon for Black Male Achievement and the first Startup Weekend in Oakland (California). Qeyno launched the first hackathon at the annual Essence Festival in New Orleans in partnership with Yes We Code and Prince. Qeyno is the home of hackathons for "My Brother's Keeper", a White House call-to-action on improving the life outcomes of young men of color, and the creators of Tech EQuity Week (TEQWeek).

In 2016, Qeyno will be launching two new hackathon popup schools - A hackathon for Native youth to be held during the Gathering of Nations in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and in Brooklyn New York, an UbuntuHack between youth of color and NYPD officers working in teams to build apps that hack dehumanization.