Qender PL
Location: Singapore , Singapore Singapore
Founded in: 2011
Stage: Post-launch
Number of employees: 1-5
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Qender PL

Everything a small business needs to create an enjoyable queuing experience
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Singapore , Singapore Singapore
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Company description

Qender Mobile Queue is a service designed for doctors, beauty salons and cafes that have queues, to delight their customers who can remotely queue with an app from home.

For customers, it is a useful free app to do the queueing for them. Wait productively and have more time for the best things in life.

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Get in queue from home with Qender Mobile Queue

From 5-6 miles away, a regular or new customer views a merchant's queue, asks for a queue number, views updates as needed, wait at home or anywhere, and be alerted when she is ready to be served.

For merchants, this cloud service is cheaper and better than text queue management or restaurant pagers.  Your business presence is extended to half the city beyond your store front. 

The service is available in English serving USA, Canada, UK, Australia, etc.

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