Pure Accent

Next Generation Spoken Language Training Technology
Brooklyn, New York, United States United States
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Company description

Pure Accent develops unique accent reduction training PC/Mobile tools designed to help users improve their foreign language pronunciation. The system is based on an innovative speech recognition module that allows for a fully customizable and fun-to-use end product. The product represents a game-like multimedia simulation of interaction with a high-class accent reduction coach. Original version focuses on improving English pronunciation, and the expansion plans include Chinese, Korean, Russian, Spanish, French and other high-demand languages.

Business model

Revenues will come from several versions of this accent-reduction product: an interactive social-network based learning game, a learning/training teaching supplement, an exam-preparation module, a mobile-based on-the-go practice app, a customized training solution for corporations/BPOs and foreign governments/NGOs. 

Initially, we will focus on two versions of the product:
1) Individual user software (priced at $79)
2) Institutional/Corporate license (priced at $129 per user). 
Additional details of the financial model are posted in the Executive Summary document.
Competitive advantage

None of the self-study tools that flooded the language learning market offer fully customized speech-recognition based experience. Naturally, they prove ineffective in providing adequate help in acquiring and improving spoken language skills. Other reasons for this failure include under-developed multimedia technologies, lack of product/brand focus on the spoken language skills training, as well as poorly developed curriculum. Our team’s competitive advantage lays in relevant and extensive hands-on research and development experience in linguistics, natural language processing and technology management, as well as in our clear understanding of the ingredients necessary for the end product to be effective.