Location: Simi Valley, California, United States United States
Founded in: 2014
Stage: Napkin (idea)
Number of employees: 1-5
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Connect. Learn. Thrive.
Simi Valley, California, United States United States

PupilMentor: a Social networking & Relationship marketplace connecting
Parents|Pupils to Providers for their Extracurricular needs. We envision long-term relationships & ongoing feedback empowers continuous improvements for a better individual personality for college and career prospects. Be Uber/Airbnb for Talent leveraging share economy paradigm.

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Company description

PupilMentor is an online social networking platform that helps Parents connect and interact with local community talent* of Sports Coaches, Music|Art Teachers, Tutors (*full-time Pro, part-time Talented Youth or Seniors) for any of their K-12 Child’s Extracurricular needs. *Vision: Be Uber/Airbnb for Talent. *Now available on web & Apple AppStore

PupilMentor helps Parents/Pupils Manage their kids or self's lifecycle of activities from school thru college app's and beyond (career, etc.)
- Search & Connect to local extracurricular Instructors 
- Manage all activities (Sports, Music, Art, STEM) in 1 place 
- Get 1:1 feedback for continuous improvements from many Instructors 
- Make secure payments & Track expenses 
- Receive digital certificates 
- Family Share a/c.

PupilMentor helps Instructors via a complete flat fee subscription based Mgmt System for Coaches, Teachers & Tutors leveraging share economy for Talent:
- Market and Advertise cost effectively for new students

- Manage existing students in 1 or many locations 

- Get alerts to new requests via web or Apple App 
- Support one or many seasonal talents with 1 a/c 
- Schedule 1:1/group lessons 
- Give 1:1 feedbacks to improve, team broadcasts 
- Receive secure payments into bank a/c.

*Community based value-add services are on the roadmap for implementation.

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  • Srini Santhanam
    Srini Santhanam | Founder
    Intrapreneurial Global Head Delivery (Emerging Tech: Mobile, Cloud, Analytics; $10M+ budgets) & Chief Architect (large $10-$100M programs). Exec MBA from P. Drucker affiliate CIAM (12 industries/11 months). Founder, Idea to Execution for PupilMentor
  • Craig Wilson
    Craig Wilson | Advisor
    Angel investor, Venture management, & Product strategist for Los Angeles startups and well-known Microsoft.
Business model

- Provider (Mentor) Basic & Premium Subscription model after free trial

- Consumer (Pupil) Freemium Subscription model

- Commercial Revenue share with Business alliance partners 

Competitive advantage

- Available as 2-way marketplace on web (responsive) & an App (now iOS)

- Subscription fee based model to drive adoption, add-on social features

- Flexible T&C to drive adaption - multi talent, multi location, family share

- Leverage of share economy for Talent, Opportunity for College & Career

- Covers an individual's extracurricular lifecycle needs